Modern bedroom with fireplace

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. Keeping it clean is essential. After all, we spend almost 8 hours each day sleeping. Getting a professional care to eliminate germs and dirt away from your bedroom is a must. Studies have shown that an organized and hygienic sleeping room allows you to have more energy in the morning and helps you to maintain a balanced and healthy life.

We Clean Your Bedroom Inside Out

At InstaMaids, we understand the importance of bedroom sanitation. Our housekeeping tasks for the bedroom include replacing bed linens, dusting window sills, deep carpet cleaning and wiping stains and streaks away from mirrors. The maids from InstaMaids are here to provide you with high-quality cleaning and sanitation solutions.

Our bedroom cleaning services are available on a regular and one-time basis. We provide amazing discounted rates for those with recurring home cleaning. Our maids are more than just your friendly cleaners, they become part of the family. Fear not, if you have cleaned with us before, you will be recorded on our system.

High-quality Bedroom Cleaning

It is common for bedroom carpets to be worn out and trapped with dirt. Basic vacuuming will not solve the problem. As the cleaning specialists, we know that it takes a lot more to reach deep down between the carpet fibres to agitate and remove the hidden dirt. Our maids can provide you with an optional steam carpet cleaning upon request, leaving your carpet with an amazing fresh smell.

Bedroom windows are another culprit when it comes to cleaning. Window crevices are a safe-haven for dust to build. Unsuspecting victims will open the windows and then the bedroom is filled with the accumulated dust and dirt. With our add-on services, getting rid of window bacteria is what we do best. Our qualified housemaids are trained to target the buildup of dust and grime surrounding the bedroom window. We’ll wipe clean each blind to ensure that no dust is present and that it appears and feels brand new again.

Get a reputable bedroom cleaning service from the specialists at InstaMaids. Use our super easy booking system online to hire a maid today. Or simply call us on 800-552-5997 to make an enquiry.