couple moving a sofa

Planning to move out and move into a new apartment or home in San Jose? Call InstaMaids and we will clean up after you completely! We have all faced moving at one point or another. We know that it is almost inevitable that rubbish will be left behind after moving out your belongings. We have been working closely with real estate agents to clean out houses and apartments after a tenant has moved out.

End of Lease Home Cleaning

Normally there will be traces of cardboard boxes and little scraps of wrapping on the floor or stuck to the carpet. Without the proper cleaning tools, it can be difficult to remove. InstaMaids has the qualifications, experience and the right equipment to make any cleaning job simple and efficient.

When you choose InstaMaids, we are here every step of the way during a tenant’s transition to completely clean up the property after they have left. Our spotless cleaning methods can transform any property into a brand new home for the new tenants to move in. We are constantly on top of our work and can meet deadlines when it comes to cleaning.

Home Moving Cleaning Services

Our cleaning services are highly rated by our local residents that we can provide general cleaning service. We offer our home cleaning maids to look after all types of situations. Nothing is more important to us than providing our customers with top of the range house cleaning and sanitizing.

  • Sweep, mop, vacuum floors
  • Wipe clean kitchen countertops and built-in ovens
  • Disinfect bathrooms and lavatories
  • Hand wipe stairs and steps inside the house
  • Safely penetrate the carpet fibres and remove hard to reach debris

Try our easy and really simple online booking process to quickly schedule a home cleaning for vacant properties.

Alternatively, call us today on 800-552-5997 to get us reduce the stress of a messy empty house. We offer frequent home cleaning services for repeated house cleaning and discounts.